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Artist's Mission Statement

Welcome to Kukis Pet Portrait Studio! My name is Ade Kukoyi a creative artist and a multimedia graphic/web designer from University of Colorado, Denver, USA.
I am a portrait artist, with specialty in dog portraits, cat portraits and horse portraits. I am based in Denver, USA but I accept commissions across the globe. Over the last couple of years I've painted everything from birds to reptiles for my clients, the most frequent request is for dog portraits. So if you are interested in commissioning a portrait, please feel free to browse my site for inspirations and ideas.

The primary goal of Kuki's Pet Portrait Studio is to promote a common bond between animal lovers and their faithful pets. We are a contemporary artist & Multimedia designer based in Denver, Colorado, USA. The mission of Kuki’s Pet Portrait Studio is to document unique imagery of pets for their proud owners. Over the years, Kuki’s Pet Portrait Studio has established a reputation for figurative, emotional and representational arts. Creative artistic expression is the hallmark of the gallery, which we continue to define through refined and ever evolving artistic sense of propriety. In 2003, the gallery opened its doors in United States, promoting masterful pet portrait ranging from super-realism to the far extreme of non-figurative abstraction; this is a quantum leap taken towards the development of a rich portfolio for the gallery and all genuine art connoisseurs.

Our objective is to bring meaning to life,
establish common bond, based on love, trust and faithfulness,
redefine the meaning of life through art.
Ade Kukoyi

© 2009